After calling or emailing for your session appointment you'll need to choose your location and wardrobe. I photograph both in studio and on location. I love to photograph in new locations. A new and exciting location can give your session a totally unique and personal feel.


Within a week of your session a gallery of unedited images will be posted to your password protected gallery. You will choose your favorite mages to add to your "favorites". These images will be edited in color and black and white. Some images will be edited in more than two ways, giving you loads of options!!

Editing will be completed within three weeks AFTER choosing your favorites.

Have a favorite effect that wasn't applied to your favorite picture?? Just let me know! Any edits that you may want done are almost always possible- that's part of your initial sitting fee.

After the gallery is posted you will have one month to order your prints. After the month has passed your gallery will be removed from the website. It can be re-uploaded for $25.00.